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The Gospel With The Poor

A collection of excerpts and Bible studies compiled and adapted by Vineyard Justice Network from John Wimber’s teachings. It includes 9 chapters complete with scriptures references, stories, study prompts and outreach actions.

About the Booklet

John Wimber once said that the purpose of the Vineyard could be summed up with two words: worship and compassion. Wimber also regularly highlighted Jesus’ mission on earth to “release the oppressed.” As Kingdom-minded people formed through intimacy in worship and by Jesus’ compassion for us, we then embark on this same mission to set things right, especially for the captive, poor and marginalized. It’s in our roots.

Institution or Organism?
Catch God’s Heart
Vain Worship
Your Kingdom Come
God or Mammon?
Here and Now I Give
Justice and Justice Alone
Jesus in Disguise
Servant or Lord?

Gospel With the Poor Cohorts

Register for 6 monthly Zoom calls to grow in your capacity to lean into the lost, the least, the marginalized, and the outcast in your local community.

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