7 Ways To Thank Your Pastor(s)

The work of pastoring can be challenging on its best days. Here are 7 ways to thank your pastor(s) – during Pastor Appreciation Month, or anytime!

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October is “Pastor Appreciation Month,” and we can all communicate our thanks to those men and women leading our church communities all year long, faithfully, with the heart of a servant.

7 Ways To Thank Your Pastor(s)

Here are 7 quick ideas to make October a special month for your pastors. Consider going all out to plan to bless these leaders who serve your whole church, and who serve our kids, youth, worship experience, and more.

1. WRITE them a physical letter of encouragement.

Encouragement comes in many forms, and a kind word of written appreciation, coming in the mail along with the bills, ads, and “10 Ways To Be A Better Pastor Than You Currently Are” flyers – goes a long way.

2. THROW a big party.

Sure, pastors are busy. But a party in his/her honor to say “We are grateful for all you pour out into our the lives of our families” is one event they’ll make sure they attend.

3. SHOW a surprise “Thank You” video on a Sunday morning.

Pastors don’t always get to know ‘everything’ that will be shown right before their message! Get some folks together, that are representative of the congregation or staff, and say “Thanks!” via the screen.

4. GIVE them a night out.

Gift cards to favorite restaurants (with an offering of child care if it’s a couple with a family), are always welcome gifts.

5. GET them gift certificates from local businesses.

Do you know their favorite hangouts (like a bookstore or coffeeshop) or needs (like lawn care or new clothes)? Get creative, and give them a gift certificate that communicate “We thought about this, and did the research to find out what you like.”

6. SEND a gift or take up an offering.

Have you ever been on the receiving end of a generous gift of money, with no strings attached, given just to say “thank you” for your hard work? Those of us who have know that it is a great feeling that follows that moment. Be incredibly generous. Go over the top. (Or, just personally send them a little something from you to them).

7. CREATE a Gift Pack – full of the “little things”

It’s the little things that often connect with the heart. Get them a cool t-shirt to wear, fresh worship music to listen to, or a great coffee mug to drink from – gifts will give them some encouragement as they lead.



Vineyard Resources (www.VineyardResources.com) is always prepared for Pastor Appreciation (all year long!). Here are some options below for great, inexpensive gifts for your pastor(s).