A Letter From Mark Fields & Vineyard Missions USA

Mark Fields

Director of Global & Intercultural Ministry, Vineyard USA

Vineyard Missions

Equipping churches to participate in God's global mission.

Dear Vineyard Pastors and Leaders,

We at Vineyard Missions are so excited about the great work you are doing as pastors and leaders, both in your neighborhood and in the nations. Kingdom building is hard, messy work that can sometimes feel like it holds as many disappointments as it does joys. However, knowing the Hope who resides within us, we remember that the disappointments are only for a season, and the joys are for eternity. 

Many of our missions leaders have just participated in a powerful time of connection and re-visioning with the Holy Spirit and each other in the first of a planned three-year arc of leadership development at the Missions Leaders Meeting (MLM). At this year’s conference, we had the privilege of hearing first hand from Jackie Pullinger of her work in Hong Kong that has spanned over five decades. During her talks and workshop she inspired us toward deeper partnership with the Holy Spirit for longevity, and we practiced using the tools in our spiritual toolbox. 

We also heard reports of what your missions partnerships are experiencing across the globe. We know that the Holy Spirit is at work all the time in every culture and ethnic group for the redemption of their history, and on occasion, we get to observe an up-tick in the action of His story. The Middle East, Africa, and Latin America are some of the places that are growing and being shaken by the power of His Spirit. We are so pleased to let you know that in January of 2020, Mexico will be released as their own self-governing Association of Vineyard Churches. 

Every church is called to the nations and has a part to play in the work of the Kingdom. How can you be more engaged in God’s work in the world? How can your church be a part of what’s next? Our Vineyard Missions team has resources for getting involved and moving toward healthy engagement  where you’ll be connected to what God is doing in the Vineyard around the world and valued for the part your church plays. Local church-based missions partnerships get to participate in God’s story in our generation. You’ll also see spiritual growth and expanded worldviews in the people in your congregation. 

We would love to hear the stories of what you’re observing God do among the people where you are working internationally. Share your stories with us at stories@vmteam.org

Blessings in Christ,

Mark Fields

Director, Vineyard USA Missions


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