A Letter From Phil: September

Across the country, the Vineyard Movement is healthy, strong, and more committed than ever to planting churches.

Phil and Jan Strout

National Director, Vineyard USA

Dear Friends,

As we near the close of the summer, Jan and I have been looking both backward and forward as we consider all that God is doing in our Movement.

Looking back, our Regional conferences this summer revealed (no surprise here) that the Vineyard in the US is healthy, strong, and more committed than ever to planting churches everywhere we can.

(If you haven’t planned yet to attend the Multiply Vineyard Summit in Miami, you can see the details here).

We crisscrossed the country several times. How grateful we are for the 16 Regions, their leaders, and the special highlights and emphases experienced in each one! Bubba Justice attended ones that we weren’t able to attend, and we had great times and heard awesome stories.

We are moving in the practice and the theology of the Kingdom of God, and our pastors are learning how to care for themselves as we care for all God is doing our churches and neighborhoods.

Our diversity is beautiful, too. Our Better Together Conference in Evanston was the perfect picture of how committed we are to see the Vineyard become the multiethnic Movement God designed us to be.

Hundreds attended from across the nation, and we furthered the necessary conversations we must have in order to see local churches thrive in today’s culturally challenging climate.

Looking forward, I hope you are saving the dates for our 2019 National Conference – Come, Holy Spirit!

See the site at the link below, and please make plans to attend. It will be an historic gathering as we refresh our commitment to the Spirit’s work in the local church.

As we enter the Fall, please continue to pray for the Vineyard. We have a part to play in Kingdom history that is ours and ours alone – and we want to be found faithful.

See you on the trail,


Phil Strout
National Director, Vineyard USA
P.S. Visit the National Conference Save The Date page for updates, and begin making your plans!