A COVID-19 Vineyard USA Events Update

An update on all 2020 VUSA-sponsored events, from Vineyard USA National Director Phil Strout.

Vineyard USA Communications

Dear Friends,

Well, we didn’t see this coming but here we are. Jan and I bring you greetings from the state of Maine where we have taken refuge at our home at Slow Rhythm Meadows.

These last couple of weeks have been filled with uncertainty and intensity to say the least, as we have watched our world, our country, our cities, and our local churches completely turn upside down to combat an invisible enemy – COVID-19.

It is not lost on me that this situation is similar to the mission that God has given us: to combat an invisible enemy that is daily trying to steal, kill, and destroy. Our mission as the Church has not changed. Now more than ever we are called to be a beacon of light, hope, and peace, and we want to encourage you to continue the mission of pointing people toward the greatness of the Gospel and the work of the Holy Spirit. The mission is the same, but our methodologies are being pushed to their limitations, and we are all growing in our ingenuity for a moment such as this.

Over the past few weeks, the leadership of Vineyard USA has been closely monitoring worldwide developments related to COVID-19. With many cities and states instituting stay-at-home orders and recommending self-quarantine, people are facing extreme financial realities. We know that this is going to affect our churches across the country and churches all over the globe.

With this understanding, the leadership of Vineyard USA has made the decision to be proactive and cancel all VUSA-sponsored events through the end of 2020. We have consulted broadly with our Legal, Executive, Initiative, and Regional teams, and though this is a tough decision, not made lightly, we believe it is the right decision. We know how hard many have worked to organize events throughout our regions, and we also know how disappointed everyone will be not to be together. We will continue to keep you updated should circumstances change dramatically and we are able to re-evaluate these events.

While our physical events will not be happening, we know the Holy Spirit continues to move regardless of our ability to gather together. The Vineyard USA Staff and I are praying for innovation and creativity as you find new ways to come together.

We are for you, and we are with you.

For the Greater Glory of God, and the well-being of people,

Phil Strout

National Director, Vineyard USA

Please note that our cancelled events include:

  • Sing Together Conference 2020 (Vineyard Worship)
  • Society of Vineyard Scholars Annual Meeting
  • National Youth Worker’s Conference (Vineyard Youth USA)
  • All Regional Conferences
  • Better Together
  • La Viña: Conéctate
  • National Worship Leader’s Retreat

Please refer to the emails sent by these groups to attendees regarding registration refunds and relevant information.

We will continue to update this page as we have information about the status of future events. You can always visit our Events page here, for a full list of events happening down the road.

We appreciate your understanding, and please join us in prayer for communities across the world who are experiencing illness and uncertainty at this time.

Vineyard USA Communications