EDLD – Leadership

A collection of videos on leadership, part of EDLD: Evangelism, Discipleship, Leadership, Diversity.

Geno Olison

Lead Pastor, South Suburban Vineyard, Flossmoor, IL

Phil Strout

National Director of Vineyard USA

Rich Nathan

Executive Team, Large Church Coaching, Education, Vineyard USA

Sharon McCarter

Associate Pastor, Maryville Vineyard, Maryville, TN

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  1. The 3 P’s Of Leadership
  2. The 3 P’s The Presence Of God
  3. The 3 P’s The Proclamation of the Gospel
  4. The 3 P’s All Things Practical
  5. The 3 P’s Making Strides As Leaders
  6. Eleanor Mumford – Ministry In The Power Of The Spirit
  7. Eleanor Mumford – People Of The Kingdom
  8. Eleanor Mumford – People Of The Scriptures
  9. Eleanor Mumford – People Of The Spirit
  10. Eleanor Mumford – Remember The Poor
  11. Eleanor Mumford – The Church We Love
  12. Eleanor Mumford – The Elephant In The Room
  13. Eleanor Mumford – The Gift Of Worship
  14. Eleanor Mumford – The Gospel As The Main And Plain
  15. Eleanor Mumford – The Main And The Plain
  16. Eleanor Mumford – The Now And Not Yet
  17. Eleanor Mumford – Worshippers Of God
  18. Derek Morphew – The Call To Ministry
  19. Elba Dolan – Leaders Are Formed
  20. Juliet Barber – Being Expectant Of The Kingdom
  21. Juliet Barber – Being Fathers And Mothers
  22. Juliet Barber – Our Distinctives Are The Tools He’s Given Us
  23. Juliet Barber – Our Values Are Connected To The Mission Of Christ
  24. Juliet Barber – Our Values Are Rooted In Our Theology
  25. Juliet Barber – Passing On Vineyard Treasures
  26. Juliet Barber – Raising Leaders With Intimacy
  27. Juliet Barber – Raising Up Young Leaders
  28. Mark Fields – Moving From Hundreds To Thousands
  29. Mark Fields – The Gap Between What I Know And What I Do
  30. Rich Nathan – 4 Aspects Of A Vineyard Leader
  31. Rich Nathan – Another Team On The Field
  32. Rich Nathan – Because You Say So I Will
  33. Rich Nathan – God Doesn’t Need Our Great Sacrifice
  34. Rich Nathan – Jesus Is Our Model
  35. Rich Nathan – Leaders Are People Who Lead
  36. Rich Nathan – The Importance Of Identity
  37. Rich Nathan – The Vineyard Leader As Servant
  38. Rich Nathan – The Vineyard Leader. ‘I Am Called By God’
  39. Rich Nathan – The Vineyard Leader, ‘I Am The Beloved Of God’
  40. Rich Nathan – We Don’t Choose Our Callings
  41. A Healthy Balance In Family Life & Ministry
  42. Resourcefulness, Sabbath Keeping, & Marriage Boosting
  43. How You And Your Church Can Embrace Diversity
  44. What God Is Doing With The Poor Around You
  45. How Your Church Can Get Started Caring For The Poor

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