Expectancy For The Spirit

Phil Strout

National Director of Vineyard USA

Dear Friends,

I hope you are enjoying the rhythms of summer, whatever they may be for you. For me, summer means the chance to visit wonderful regional conferences all over the United States, and to reconnect with old friends and meet new ones – including the many new church planters being released through Multiply Vineyard.

Increasingly Diverse

One of the fun things about traveling to all the different regions is seeing how our movement is so increasingly diverse, and yet focused on the same central values. We do different kinds of evangelism, disciple in many ways, and raise up many different kinds of leaders. Our common focus is enriched by our diversity in age, gender, ethnicity, and culture.

Kingdom Ministry Flourishes

Another encouraging sign is to see the long term faithfulness of many of our leaders. Kingdom ministry doesn’t flourish because of single dramatic moments. Kingdom ministry flourishes through day to day, week to week faithfulness. Our character is formed by our habits, by the things we do again and again – preaching the gospel, healing the sick, mentoring new leaders, and working for justice.

EDLD Is Bearing Fruit

You’ve probably seen all of the different resources around the idea of EDLD – Do It Again. This focus on faithfulness to evangelize, disciple, raise up leaders, and foster diversity is bearing fruit all over the Vineyard! And it’s a focus we want to carry into the future.

There are a lot of fads and distractions in ministry. Our job isn’t to chase every fad, or confront every new idea that comes up. Our job is to focus on the main and plain – to do the work of the kingdom again and again.

Next Summer – 2017 National Conference

I’m looking forward to being with all of you next summer at the National Conference in Anaheim, July 10-13. We have already begun planning, and have a great expectancy for the Spirit to do a fresh work among us.

Have a blessed summer, with lots of great ministry and lots of great rest.

In Christ,