How to be Coached and Coaching Others Well

In episode 23 of the How to Plant a Healthy Church Podcast, Robb Morgan shares his story of being coached as an athlete and a church planter.

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John Wimber, founder of the Vineyard, said, “You teach what you know. You reproduce who you are.” Your church plant is going to look like you. Putting ourselves in submitted places to be trained and invested in is essential for both our long personal health and the health of our churches. Being coached well has lasting benefits as we attempt to coach others.

Robb Morgan’s story comes at this topic from a number of angles from being a division I college athlete to joining the original church planting team of the Mile High Vineyard under Jay Pathak’s leadership, to planting their own church in central Ohio.​


Our Guest

Robb Morgan I Delaware City Vineyard

Robb Morgan, and his wife Julie, co-pastor the Delaware City Vineyard in Delaware, OH. They responded to the church planting bug as part of the plant team sent from Vineyard Columbus to Denver, CO. After 3 years in Denver, they moved back to Central OH after the birth of their first child. Upon returning to OH, Robb served on the pastoral staff, at the Vineyard Church of Delaware County for 4 years In September of 2009, Robb and Julie Morgan planted the Delaware City Vineyard. Robb and Julie have served as Area Leaders in the Vineyard for 7+ years. They’ve been married for 13 years and have two daughters, Emma (11) and Via (8).

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