How to Stay Healthy in Ministry For Decades

In Episode 6 of the How to Plant a Healthy Church Podcast, Herschel Rosser discusses his deep love for the church even after four decades of ministry.

Hershel Rosser

Pastor at the Mission Vineyard

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When discerning your calling to plant a church, you need to love the church. Listen to seasoned pastor Herschel Rosser discuss his deep love for the church even after four decades of ministry and how to stay healthy to live out your calling through all of life. Herschel is a pastor at Mission Vineyard Church in San Antonio, TX.

Our Guest

Herschel Rosser | Associate Pastor at Mission Vineyard Church in San Antonio, TX
Herschel Rosser is a graduate of Baylor University and Westminster Theological Seminary. He and his wife Lucie were campus ministers with the Assemblies of God in Houston before planting Church in the City (now the Houston Vineyard) in 1975. They moved to Germany in 1984, where they served as missionaries to university students, and then in 1990 planted the Munich Vineyard. Returning to the U.S. in 1992, Herschel pastored at the Evangel Temple in Springfield, MO. In 1996 they replanted the Kingwood Texas Vineyard, a church that had closed. Following a healthy redevelopment of this church, Herschel joined the staff of the Sugar Land Vineyard and served as Senior Associate Pastor for more than 15 years. In May 2016, Herschel and Lucie moved to San Antonio to serve as Associate Pastors of Mission Vineyard.

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