VIDEO: How Can You Help? Phil Strout On Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey's effects will be felt for a long time in the Houston area, and other impacted locations. In this excerpt from Phil's video to our VUSA Pastors, Phil notes how you and your church can participate in helping those impacted.

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How You And Your Church Can Help

We have two options here for connection.

1. CONVOY OF HOPE is our VUSA Disaster Relief Partner, on the ground with first-response supplies and aid. Vineyard USA partners with Convoy of Hope for all disaster relief response. Supplies, donations, and help are needed.

2. NEW ORLEAN’S VINEYARD is organizing teams for reconstruction and support to those impacted in Vineyard churches. If your church wants to send teams, the New Orleans Vineyard is coordinating this through their local church mercy response ministry (link below).


1. CONVOY OF HOPE (VUSA Disaster Relief Partner)

CONVOY OF HOPE is Vineyard USA’s Disaster Relief Partner, providing extensive, large-scale, first-response provision of needed supplies to affected areas.

As a faith-based, international, humanitarian-relief organization strategically based in Springfield, Missouri, Convoy’s goal is to bring help and hope to those who are impoverished, hungry and hurting.

Convoy sets up distribution centers, in many cases with Vineyard churches, to get supplies to people affected by disaster. (You can see the video of Phil and Hal Donaldson of Convoy at our 2017 National Conference here.)

They are already on the ground working with Vineyards and many others to get first response supplies distributed in affected areas.

You can and your church can get involved supporting Convoy Of Hope and volunteering with them by clicking here.


2. NEW ORLEANS VINEYARD (Teams & Reconstruction)

A second option for you to send teams through is the NEW ORLEANS VINEYARD. They are helping Vineyard churches help other Vineyard churches in their region.

They do this by coordinating and managing teams of volunteers to provide labor and assistance to Vineyard church pastors and members whose homes have been damaged. They then assist church members in assisting their neighbors. This work continues after the first-response efforts.

You and your church can get involved sending teams and help through the New Orleans Vineyard mercy response ministry by clicking here.


To see the video of Phil Strout (Vineyard USA) and Hal Donaldson (Convoy Of Hope) from our 2017 National Conference, click here.