Official Releases At The National Conference

Official product releases of the 2017 National Conference.

Vineyard Resources

Vineyard Resources is the non-profit resourcing arm of Vineyard USA

New Releases At The National Conference

Every National Conference we release official movement resources that serve felt needs and requests from our churches.

This year, available at the Vineyard Resources Table At The National Conference:

1. The Vineyard DNA

THE VINEYARD DNA is a complete Vineyard 101 book & video series new from Vineyard Resources! A compilation of our best material from the past years, this book will teach your staff, newcomers, and congregation about what it means to be “Vineyard.”


  • Vineyard History
  • Vineyard Theology
  • Vineyard Distinctives
  • Vineyard Values
  • Vineyard Practices, and
  • The 5 Step Prayer Model

Buy books in bulk for your leaders and church at #VineyardTLO Vineyard Resource Table (and later this month at

[Chapter Videos coming Fall 2017 at]

2. Apparel

NEW Vineyard Apparel – t-shirts, hats, and more – have been designed for release at this year’s National Conference. Our leaders have asked for fresh apparel for use by adults, youth, and kids, so we created it!

You can purchase apparel at the #VineyardTLO Vineyard Resource Table (and later this month at

3. NEW! “Individual Membership” At The VDM

By request, THE VINEYARD DIGITAL MEMBERSHIP now has an Individual Membership releasing at the National Conference.

While our main memberships are for churches, Individuals can gain access to:

  • All Historic National Conference Footage since 2015
  • Teaching Courses and downloads
  • Full stock photography and video library,
  • And more!

See what’s available at, and watch for the Individual Membership to go live during the National Conference!

[Individual Memberships can only be used for personal use; Church Memberships are for church-wide applications]