Brenda Gatlin

Super Regional Leader

The first assignment of SRLs will be to help develop and navigate the transition into new regional structures and leadership. Long term, SRLs will oversee multiple Regional Leaders and their corresponding local churches, providing the necessary training and support.

Brenda Gatlin

Meet Brenda

Brenda Gatlin is a Super Regional Leader for Vineyard USA.

Brenda, affectionately known as “B”, has had the assurance of a life-time call to full-time kingdom ministry since the age of 17. She is passionate about leading from her transparent authenticity and seeing people set free from oppression. She is focused on healing and becoming whole biblical people, so we are a right reflection of who God is. She has a long track record of fruitfulness, for training and equipping others to continue doing all the things that Jesus did and for helping leaders become healthy.

Brenda and her husband Michael have been Senior Pastors at Duluth Vineyard in Minnesota since 1997. In addition to this local leadership, Brenda served as an Area Pastor in her Region for 5 years, and in 2013 was appointed as the Regional Leader for the Midwest North Region. For nearly 10 years, she has been serving about 50 local churches in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and the Chicago area. Michael and Brenda have been the sending church for 6 Vineyard church plants and love Multiply Vineyard communities.

In the fall of 2021, Brenda and Michael celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary. They are parents to three grown and married children, and grandparents to two girls. Her favorite ways to practice Sabbath are riding her motorcycle along Lake Superior, long talks over coffee with friends, being grandma (Mimi) to her two granddaughters, being a fan of professional bull riding, baking, and puzzling through the long winter evenings of Northern Minnesota.

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Q&A with Brenda

What are you most excited about in this new chapter?

I am confident that as followers of Jesus, He is inviting us to become our true selves–the person He has always meant for us to be.

I am anticipating leaders working together toward personal transformation and then leading out of it. What a privilege it will be – and fun! – to lean into becoming a healthy family, on mission together, loving well, and introducing many people to Jesus.

What has prepared you most for this role? What's one thing you learned as a pastor that you'll bring into this role?

I can see how, for years, God has been preparing me and expanding my heart to care deeply about our Vineyard leaders being healthy.

God has taught me how important it is for us as leaders to learn how to be honest when we come together: honest about our weaknesses, open to praying for each other, and really walking together through the kingdom conflict that all leaders experience. I realize that the more personal transformation I experience, the more authentic I become and the more I live into my true self.

I know that I am called to model my ongoing need for personal transformation. Likewise, I am also called to develop pathways for other leaders to experience their own transformation and then lead out of it.

How do you envision this role serving the local church and local pastors? 

Every local church in the Vineyard can have healthy pastors and leaders, and every pastor can also experience healthy supportive leadership.

Regional Leaders and Area Leaders can care deeply and stay connected to every local church pastor and their church. The Vineyard’s local church pastor and churches can see that they are connected to the larger Vineyard family and have shared vision and goals.