“The kingdom is about doing just as much as teaching. If you aren’t doing the works of the kingdom the message isn’t complete. I pray the Vineyard never stops taking the risks of the kingdom.”

“What I want to see in action is the message, the music and the ministry. We must take the hype out of ministry where everyone gets to play.”

”The call of the kingdom isn’t just one part of our life, it’s all of it!”

”The Vineyard is God’s idea. He called us as kingdom people, doing the stuff of proclamation and demonstration. To do only half of what we’ve been called into is not a complete Gospel message and we must do all of what God’s placed upon us.”

”The manifestation of the Spirit is not supposed to be the exception – it’s supposed to be the norm.”

”The test of spiritual maturity is not the ability to speak in tongues, prophesy, or memorize Scripture. It’s the ability to love God and others. Learning to serve others by loving the unlovely, the less fortunate, the lost, and the broken. This is the highest call, that we would fulfill our purpose on earth.”

”Ministry is a life of giving. We give our whole life, as God should have ownership of everything. Remember, whatever we give God control of, he can multiply and bless, not so we can amass goods, but so we can take an active part in his enterprise.”

”You can’t learn how to heal the sick by reading a book or mastering a technique. You believe what Jesus promised and then you get out and do it .”

[bctt tweet=”It’s not about the Vineyard. It’s about Jesus. His fame is what our mission should be. -John Wimber” quote=”I’ve never been on a mission to make the Vineyard famous. It’s not about the Vineyard. It’s about Jesus. His fame is what our mission should be.”]

”It’s not just about being biblically literate, we must also become biblically obedient.”

”Power evangelism isn’t about adding to the Gospel or seeking to add power, but rather turning to the Holy Spirit in our evangelistic efforts and consciously cooperating with his anointing, gifting and leading.”

”Serving the poor isn’t an option. If we don’t care for the poor we’re good as dead. I see it as a life and death matter.”

“Faith is spelled R-I-S-K.”


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