A Response To The Rise Of Anti-Asian Racism In America

I pray for God’s hope and healing for you, me, our communities, and our land. And I commit myself to champion reconciliation, advocate diversity, repent when needed, and stand with those who are committed to doing the same. Will you join us? On behalf of the Asian American Network of the Vineyard Movement, I first […]

Responding To Racism From An Asian American Perspective

After 42 years on this earth, I have been asked many times in my life, “Where are you from?” It’s a very natural and common question that we ask each other as we meet and engage. When I am asked this question, my answer is, “I’m from New Jersey.” My answer is often met with […]

A Note From Phil On Long Obedience (English & Español)

Dear Vineyard Leaders, Last week, Jan and I celebrated our 45th wedding anniversary. 45 years! We have been married longer than some of you have been alive – oh my. I have been reflecting on our marriage, and while it took all of five minutes for the pastor to proclaim us husband and wife, we […]

The Reality Of Racism

:: Geno Olison is the Pastor of the South Suburban Vineyard, a Vineyard USA Executive Team Member, and Leadership Team Member of the Vineyard USA Diversity Initiative.

A Pastoral Letter From Phil (English & Español)

Dear Vineyard Leaders, Wow, 2020 – and we are not halfway through it yet. How is that for a positive greeting? Right now, there are so many feelings, thoughts, laments, ideas, and convictions being expressed through many venues, and in the end, we will be better for them. If you would, allow me just a […]

A Pastoral Letter From Phil: Leading In Racial Reconciliation

Friends and Fellow Pastors, Many of you had a challenging weekend and past few days, speaking into current events with the wisdom of Christ. What we just witnessed in Charlottesville, VA is one of the great evils that stalk our nation. Many of you as pastors had to lead your church while at the same […]