Vineyard USA Brand Kit

The Vineyard USA Branding is our way of visually telling the story of who we are as a movement.

“A brand is a living entity…. enriched or undermined cumulatively over time, the product of a thousand small gestures.” – Michael Eisner

In a highly visual generation, any group – a company, a society, or an organized family like the Vineyard – expresses its unique personality online and in print. We express our values through words, images, colors, logos, text, events, and people.

All of these elements come together to form a brand – a unified, unfolding story about who we are, and where we’re going, as the Vineyard.

The resources on this page are for Vineyard USA entities, regions, pastors, and local churches. Please take the time to download the VUSA Brand Kit, and watch the video below.

SPECIAL NOTE: Vineyard local churches need only comply with the parameters of use of the official VUSA logo on websites, etc.. While our churches are autonomous in their own branding decisions, we want every local Vineyard to have all the resources possible if they’d like to connect with the national visual identity.

The Vineyard USA Brand Kit.

The VUSA BRAND KIT is a download for VUSA Entities, Regions, Pastors, and Churches. This ZIP file includes:

  • VUSA Logo Set (AI, JPG, PNG, EPS)
  • VUSA Style Guide (PDF)
  • VUSA Copy Font (Source Sans Pro)
  • VUSA Color Palette (RGB, CMYK, HEX)
  • Extras (Social Graphics & Website Tools)

Video Sections & Style Guide References

00:00 – 02:35 – VUSA Branding: An Introduction (p. 1-3)
02:35 – 09:17 – VUSA Logo: A Wordmark Logotype (p. 4-6)
09:17 – 11:10 – VUSA Color Palette: Flat Palette, Digital World (p. 7)
11:10 – 16:15 – VUSA Image Approach: People & Concepts (p. 8-13)
16:15 – 17:46 – VUSA Copy Font: Source Sans Pro (p. 14)
17:46 – 18:02 – Applications: The Brand In Practice (p. 15-16)
18:02 – 19:32 – Logo Do’s & Don’ts (p. 17-18)
19:32 – 20:00 – Examples: Print & Social Media (p. 19-20)
20:00 – 27:33 – VUSA Entity Branding (p. 21-38)
27:33 – 28:40 – VUSA Region Branding (p. 39-40)
28:40 – 29:54 – VUSA Local Church Options (p. 41-43)
29:54 – 31:14 – Implementing The Branding

VUSA Branding Tutorial Video

Please have your primary leaders, as well as your web and graphic designers (anyone who works on your Communications) as an Entity, Region, or Local Church, watch this 30 minute video to the left that explains our VUSA logo use (and branding).

Many branding questions are answered in this short video, which maps directly with the VUSA Style Guide (part of the Brand Kit). Section times are also noted below the video.

Need A Local Church Logo?

Again, Vineyard local churches need only comply with the parameters of use of the official VUSA logo on websites, etc.. Our local churches can make their own logo and branding decisions. However, upon request via the form below, VUSA will create an optional logo in the Vineyard font (bold and light), that matches our national branding, for any VUSA local church desiring one. Click below to go to the form.