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There are approximately 600 Vineyard congregations in the US and 2,400+ in 95 countries internationally, with about 300,000+ people world-wide who consider a Vineyard their church.

Check out Purpose, our History & Legacy, our Core Beliefs & Values, our Worship Music, our Books & Materials, and more about us on this site. Spend a little time here, and check out our Media Library and Church Finder, and explore our ministries via the link at the top. Get to know who John Wimber was, and about our Global Family today.

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Can a church movement have a personality?

In the Vineyard, we have many distinctives that shape our “personality” in the wider Church. We see ourselves as just one part of the Body of the Christ in our generation and across history, with a unique part to play in what God is doing in our generation.

It’s been a wild kingdom adventure loving the Scriptures deeply, and the work of the Holy Spirit deeply, across our epic journey. Read about our Distinctives.

“Welcome to the Vineyard!” is a phrase you’ll hear when visiting any Vineyard church across the country.

The Vineyard you attend is a part of a family of churches across the country – and across the world! This video to the left is a welcome to you from Phil Strout, our Vineyard USA National Director. Take a moment to watch it and connect with the Vineyard family!

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Want to learn about how the Vineyard movement originated? Read about our History & Legacy here.

 Who Is John Wimber?

Want to learn about movement founder, John Wimber? Read about John Wimber and the story of the Vineyard.


Experiencing God in worship sits at the heart of our movement. Listen to some music and connect with Vineyard Worship.

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