The Vineyard is moving into its second generation of ministry. Our great hope is that God will enable us to hold onto much of what we have cherished for the last 30+ years, then continue to add fresh wisdom and revelation to it.

Building Communities

As we move forward, we as Vineyard churches seek to be healing communities, biblical communities, outward communities, multiplying communities, and Spirit-led communities.

As healing communities, we have always prayed faithfully for the sick – in our church services, in small groups, and in the everyday workplaces and neighborhoods we inhabit. Vineyard people care about racial injustice, about environmental issues, about sexual trafficking and exploitation.

As biblical communities, we are committed to careful study and interpretation of the Bible and to faithful preaching of its message.

As outward communities, we seek to be outposts of the kingdom of God, bringing hope and help from Jesus to anyone who wants it.

As healthy communities, we are committed to being churches who practice emotional health, maintaining relationships and carrying one another’s burdens.

As multiplying communities, we are committed to planting hundreds of new churches domestically and thousands more internationally in the coming years.

Doing What We See The Father Doing

We believe Jesus modeled deep dependence on God his Father, and we also ought to do only what we see the Father doing. For this reason, we have always tried to stay flexible and open to the voice of God, and we want to see what he is doing. We have built institutions, but we have also have been willing to change course and direction as the Lord has led.

Doing church this way is risky. We have always believed that faith is spelled R-I-S-K. At times, it can be tempting simply to come up with a really smart strategy on our own, rather than to move forward in a way that depends on the action and reality of a living God. [bctt tweet=”Moving forward in obedience to the Father is really the only sort of movement worth being part of.” quote=”But moving forward in obedience to the Father is really the only sort of movement that is worth being a part of.”]

And because we are a people of the kingdom, it’s new people who will bring newness to us. We hope God is calling you to play your part!


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