Our Leadership

Serving our local leaders and churches as they do the kingdom dream.

The Leadership structure of Vineyard USA is designed to serve our local churches, across the nation, in becoming all that God has designed them to be.

Our National Director, along with our Executive Team, Regional Leaders (RLs), and Area Leaders (ALs) are committed to seeing our Vineyard core values embodied in local church pastors, leaders, and communities across the country.

Our decentralized approach to leadership keeps us agile and flexible as we reach out to a changing world with the Gospel.

Leadership is, at its essence, influence. Our leaders are always looking to equip others to do the work of the kingdom.

Executive Team

The Executive Team is made up of leaders who bring influence and guidance to various aspects of our ministry development.

Covering areas such as Church Planting, Missions, Small Church Development, Large Church Coaching, Regional Leader Coaching, Communications Development, Spiritual Formation, Women, Ethnic Diversity, Finances, Strategy, Education, Children, Youth, Young Adults, and Loving Your City, the Executive Team works with the National Director to see Vineyard USA strengthened from within.

Phil Jan Strout 072017

Phil Strout

Director & President

Phil is the National Director of Vineyard USA, an association of over 600 congregations nationwide. He brings over thirty-five years of experience in the areas of church planting and cross-cultural missions to his role, and is referred to as a “quintessential practitioner” for his work in Latin America and around the world.

For several years, Phil served in the Vineyard on the board of directors for Vineyard USA, as a Regional Leader, and as the Senior Pastor of Pathway Vineyard Church, a multisite church based in Lewiston, Maine. He is a leadership coach as well, and is the author of God’s Relentless Pursuit: Discovering His Heart for Humanity, and THRIVE: How to Successfully Navigate the S-Turns of Leadership.

Phil brings a non-hyped, down-to-earth, passionately authentic spirit and vision to leading the Vineyard Movement in its divine assignment.

Jan is a passionate leader in the church today. As a gifted exhorter and teacher, she has earned the title, “The Queen of Encouragement.” She has served nationally on the Vineyard Women’s Task Force, with the heart to empower women for leadership, ministry, and life. Jan is an effective communicator and has taught Spiritual Formation, Prayer, Evangelism, and Missions in Portland’s E3 Leadership Institute. She is a popular speaker for retreats and conferences, and serves with Phil in his role as National Director of Vineyard USA.

Anderson Brian Best 2016 Web

Brian Anderson

Regional Leader Coach
Chorlian Phil Best 2016 Web

Phil Chorlian

Vineyard Healthy Church & Spiritual Renewal
Fields Mark Best 2016 Web (1)

Mark Fields

Vineyard Missions
Gatlin Michael Best 2016 Web

Michael Gatlin

Multiply Vineyard
Heidkamp Jeff Best 2016 Web

Jeff Heidkamp

Board Member

Sharon McCarter

Board Member

Geno Olison

Board Member

Adam Russell

Board Member

Christian Weber

Secretary (Non-Voting Member)

Bubba Justice

Treasurer (Non-Voting Member)

Regional Leadership

Vineyard USA is divided into 16 regions, each with clusters of churches grouped together by relationship and location.

Regional Leaders (RLs) and Area Leaders (ALs) are the foundation of our regional care structure. Pastoral support and care for pastors and churches is facilitated by the ALs, each covering a specified area within a region. These ALs work together with the RL of their region to provide leadership and encouragement to each local Vineyard church.

The regional map below indicates our 16 regions, and their Regional Leader. Click on the map to see a scaleable version.



Regional Leader: Rose Swetman

 Southern California

Regional Leader: Jamie & Michelle Wilson

 Central California

Regional Leader: Thom O’Leary

 Big Sky

Regional Leader: Allen Hodges

 Rocky Mountain

Regional Leader: Kirk Yamaguchi


Regional Leader: Jack Moraine

 Midwest North

Regional Leader: Brenda Gatlin

 Midwest South

Regional Leader: Josh Miller

 South Central

Regional Leader: Phil Jeansonne

 Great Lakes North

Regional Leader: Mark Pope

 Great Lakes South

Regional Leader: Kevin Clark

 Great Lakes East

Regional Leader: Danny Meyer


Regional Leader: Jon Sterns


Regional Leader: John Elmer


Regional Leader: Andy Meade


Regional Leader: Kevin Fischer