Want A Vineyard Church Logo?

As per our Vineyard USA Branding, many of our Vineyard USA churches are requesting logos in our Vineyard Font. While we can’t distribute the font (due to license limitations), we will create an optional word mark logo for your church if desired.

(If you want a symbol or icon to go with it, that will have to be created on your end. The VUSA Brand Kit gives helpful guidance on proportions, etc. for your logo.)

Just fill out the form to the right, and submit it.

Pick 2-3 Words

While the name you use for our church can be as long as you want it to be, a logo only needs to gesture toward that name in its simplest form.

For example, The Vineyard Church Of Franklin could choose a logo that uses just 2 words:

  • vineyardchurch or
  • vineyardfranklin or
  • franklinvineyard.

I.e. Try to keep your church logo to 2 words (best), or 3 words (maximum).

How Will I Get My Church Logo?

Just complete the logo request form to the right, and after 30 days check this Vineyard Church Logo Dropbox Folder to find your [city-church-name].zip download.

Get The VUSA Brand Kit

Download the VUSA Brand Kit with the new VUSA Logo, Style Guide, Color Palette, Copy Font, and Extras, and please change all VUSA logos on your website and social media sites. Thanks.

Church Logo Request Form

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