Diversity Resources For Local Churches

A growing library of resources for pastors, congregations, and Christians on diversity, racial reconciliation, and the multiethnic church.

Vineyard Resources

Vineyard Resources is the non-profit resourcing arm of Vineyard USA

As a reconciling movement, the Vineyard is growing to become a beautiful, ethnically diverse movement. Here are some resources to support you in your work of increasing multiethnic diversity in your local churches.

Here is a library of resources for pastors, congregations, and Christians ready to become part of the answer to healing our nations.


A growing collection of our best articles and video clips (VUSA Library), as well as full on sermon resources for your local church growth (VDM).

Articles & Videos from the VUSA Library

Diversity Resources from the Vineyard Digital Membership (VDM)


Print resources for distributing to your congregation, and for use as sermon series content.

Hard Conversations (top booklet for discipling congregations for today’s world)

Everyone Gets To Play (a Vineyard distinctive booklet for discipling congregations)


Some of the best communicators in the Vineyard talk about topics related to diversity and racial reconciliation.

Better Together Diversity Conference Material


Short clips on the topic of diversity and reconciliation on the Vineyard USA YouTube Channel.

EDLD Diversity Playlist (Video)

A Reconciling Movement: Excerpts From Vineyard Global Family (Video)

Vineyard TLO Recap Video (Video)

Refresh this page monthly for new resources designed to move you and your congregation forward.