Joel Seymour

Super Regional Leader

The first assignment of SRLs will be to help develop and navigate the transition into new regional structures and leadership. Long term, SRLs will oversee multiple Regional Leaders and their corresponding local churches, providing the necessary training and support.

Joel Seymour

Meet Joel

Joel Seymour is a Super Regional Leader for Vineyard USA. 

Joel’s passion for the Vineyard began as a teenager when he watched John Wimber’s testimony video (yay VHS!). He knew he found his home when, as a college sophomore, he took the Fuller Seminary class MC550 “Healing and World Evangelism” led by Wimber and C. Peter Wagner.  

In 1998, Joel and his wife Kristi planted their second church – the Lancaster Vineyard in Lancaster, OH and Joel has served there as the Lead Pastor. He has been deeply engaged in his city, bringing together the social, private, and public sectors through the Art of Neighboring Fairfield County initiative. Joel also started the Small Town initiative within Multiply Vineyard. He has served as both an Area Leader and a Regional Leader within Vineyard USA. He looks forward to drawing on his experience to encourage, equip and empower local pastors. 

He desires to give back to the Vineyard because of all it has given him: ongoing rich experiences of the Father’s heart, a naturally supernatural walk with the Spirit, and Kingdom Theology to undergird it all.  

 Joel and Kristi have raised 3 great kids – Jesse, Luke, and Emmie. Jesse and his wife Cassie live in the Hilton Head, SC area and are a part of a Vineyard church plant. Luke recently moved to Alaska to join the Alaskan Air National Guard rescue unit. Emmie graduates High School in 2023 and has plans to study nursing and theology.  

Joel enjoys playing guitar, leading worship, laughing, and most of all, taking long daily walks with his wife.  

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Q&A with Joel

What's your dream for Vineyard churches?

My dream is that we never lose the best of our past, while still continuing to discover new facets of God and His Kingdom in the present.

I recently watched old episodes of John Wimber teaching on spiritual gifts. It was so good – but the hair, glasses, and outfits were so bad! So our church re-did it bringing the styles, scholarship, and vernacular for our context.

My dream is that we would continue doing that for each generation. I dream of healthy pastors leading healthy churches. I imagine diverse groups of people living naturally supernatural lifestyles leading many unchurched folks to experience Jesus.

What are you most excited about in this new chapter?

I am most excited about building relationships with local pastors, helping them get needed resources, and simply letting them know that they matter.

So many pastors feel unnoticed by their own congregation. I want them to know their movement notices them. I am stoked about working with the new National Team in order to make that happen.

How do you envision this role serving the local church and local pastors?

A Super Regional Leader (SRL) is Barnabas called to encourage Paul, the local pastor. We do this by building relationships, culture, and resources.

My desire is to build as many encouraging relationships with local pastors. They matter! I want to hear from them what they need in order to be healthy and fruitful.

The SRL’s desire is to help build a Kingdom- centered culture. On that foundation we will equip local pastors with resources our Associate National Directors create and procure.

I see us working as a National Team to put together a library of incredible resources for our local pastors. I want our local pastors and churches to know our SRL team wakes up each morning thinking about them!