Pastoral Health & Formation

Cultivating the lives of Vineyard pastors and their families through intentional soul care and relational support.

Danielle Pathak, VUSA Pastoral Health & Formation
Brian Dinges, VUSA Financial Well-Being of Pastors
Harry Fritzenschaft, Vineyard Coaching Network
Kris Miller, VUSA Well-Being of Pastors Initiative

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Let us know how we can best support you. The connect form above goes directly to our team. We’ll be in touch to help connect you to the right resources. 

Loving family, connected friendships, physical health, financial security. Let us help you flourish in all aspects.

Retreats, Sabbath & Sabbaticals. Let us help you find healthy rhythms & spaces for rest / reflection.

Coaches, spiritual directors, therapists & mentors. We can help you discern then find the right support.

We all have moments of crisis. We can help with next steps in personal or professional crises. 

Partners / Ministries

Providing coaching, crisis support and consulting.

Helping pastors & their teams tend to spiritual transformation & the discernment of God’s presence in their lives.

Spiritual & emotional resources, care & training to help pastors and missionaries in their life and leadership. 

Their clergy tax specialists focus on simplifying clergy taxes and identifying saving and financial opportunities that pastors and churches often don’t even know exist. 

Financial services that are designed to help your financial needs and meet your goals

2-year VUSA educational cohort that promotes financial literacy and education for pastors and their families, boards and congregations.

Coming alongside the pastor to gain clarity and momentum to step into their goals.

Webcasts / Podcasts