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Phil and Jan Strout's Farewell Message + Legacy

A final message to the Vineyard as Phil completes his assignment as National Director for Vineyard USA. Also included are a series of Phil's reflections on soul care, worship, and lasting the long haul that he recorded in recent years. These represent just a small portion of the wisdom & grace that is the Strout's legacy.

Get to know Jay Pathak, the National Director-Elect for Vineyard USA

Jay Pathak

Jay Pathak is the National Director-Elect of Vineyard USA and the Senior Pastor of the Mile High Vineyard

In this role, Jay will lead the hundreds churches involved with Vineyard USA and the National Team, as they carry out leadership in specific areas of ministry for the Movement.

Jay has been married to Danielle since 1998 and has two daughters, Jasmine and Sofia. Jay will officially become National Director for VineyardUSA on January 1st, 2022.