Embrace the Kingdom.
Engage the world.

VUSA National Conference this week!

Join us for a week of ministry, teaching, worship, and connection this week! Can’t make it to Phoenix? Join the livestream for free.  All main and breakout sessions will be streamed. 

Main Sessions 9:30 AM & 7 PM PDT

Breakout Sessions 2 PM PDT, Tues, Wed & Thurs

We are Vineyard.

About 150,000 people call our 574 Vineyard churches home throughout the United States. We have a unique call to Kingdom theology, ministry of the Holy Spirit, justice, and building healthy churches. God is doing great things among us! We believe that this is just the beginning. We are Vineyard.

More than forty years ago, God gave the Vineyard a gift to steward. It was a gift rooted in a powerful vision of what church could be like with Jesus’s theology and practice of the already and not-yet Kingdom of God at its center.