Listening And Loving As A Way To Hope And Healing

What will we remember about 2020? The year has been unrelenting in rapid fire devastation. We are in a pandemic. Thousands have died in the U.S. and millions around the world; and the future health of many is in uncertain. The effects of COVID-19 have closed down businesses, produced an even more volatile stock market, […]

La Diversidad En El Reino De Dios Es Como Un “Potluck”

Diversity In The Kingdom Is Like A Potluck (Español) “¿Qué es un potluck?” Le pregunté a mi esposa. Este correo dice que habrá potluck para la cena. “No sé que sea pero suena como pato en una cazuela. Yo no sé lo que come esta familia. Voy a buscarlo en google.” Potluck: comida o fiesta […]

Diversity In The Kingdom Is Like A Potluck

Diversity In The Kingdom Is Like A Potluck “What is a potluck?” I asked my wife. This email says: “potluck for dinner.” “I don’t know what it is, but it sounds like a duck cooked in a pot. I don’t know what this family eats. Let’s google it.” Potluck: a meal or party to which […]

A Letter From Phil | July 2020 (English & Español)

Dear Vineyard Family, Jan and I have just come back from some down time where we took the chance to unplug and get out of the house for a while. It was a hot couple of days here in Maine, in the upper 90s and the sun was shining, so we drove to the coast. […]

EDLD – Essential Practices of Kingdom People

Friends, I want to share with you, from my heart, about an important idea that I believe is for the Vineyard movement at this time in our history. This entire booklet is about that one, simple idea, and explores what it means for us to engage in “main and plain” Kingdom living. The idea explored […]

EDLD: An Introduction

We have all been given, by God Himself, the gift of one short hour on the earth. Deep in our bones, we know that people need to experience the overwhelming, transforming love of God. We also know that we have the opportunity to participate with God in bringing His Good News to every last person […]

A Note From Phil On Long Obedience (English & Español)

Dear Vineyard Leaders, Last week, Jan and I celebrated our 45th wedding anniversary. 45 years! We have been married longer than some of you have been alive – oh my. I have been reflecting on our marriage, and while it took all of five minutes for the pastor to proclaim us husband and wife, we […]

A Pastoral Letter From Phil (English & Español)

Dear Vineyard Leaders, Wow, 2020 – and we are not halfway through it yet. How is that for a positive greeting? Right now, there are so many feelings, thoughts, laments, ideas, and convictions being expressed through many venues, and in the end, we will be better for them. If you would, allow me just a […]

EDLD – Evangelism

[ytp_playlist source=”PLUDsQg1O9leukLNqdu1YdNIfiGvYraHyx”] Watch the complete Evangelism YouTube playlist above, or select videos below: Video | We Share What We Love (Jay Pathak) Video | How Your Church Can Save Lives (Brian Anderson) Video | How A Pastor Can Get Better At Evangelism (Brian Anderson) Video |What Does It Mean To Share The Good News? (Phil […]

EDLD – Diversity

[ytp_playlist source=”PLUDsQg1O9levh6-oam8orAtSS7jRE8WFF”] Watch the complete Diversity YouTube playlist above, or select videos below: Video | Diversity Is A Kingdom Ideal (Geno Olison) Video | Paul’s Mustard Seed Revolution (Kathy Maskell) Video | Cultural Competence In The Bible (Josh Williams) Video | We Are Called To Tear Down Walls (Geno Olison) Video | Paying A Price […]